Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Not exactly a recipe, but...

This is what I did with the leftover pheasant stew from Saturday. There's another pheasant stew in How to Eat, which is practically the same as the one I did on Saturday, and Nigella suggests making pasta with the leftovers of that one. With that in mind, a couple of nights ago I ripped the meat from the bones, discarded the bones, and put half of the sauce and meat in the freezer, and left half in the fridge for tonight. So tonight, all I had to do was cook pasta - fettucine - and toss it through the wobbly, gelatinous, intensely flavoured sauce.

It's pretty similar (in method) to the pasta with butter and stock cube juices, but because of the meat, mushrooms, bacon and onions, it's more of a meal. Actually, we preferred this pasta to the pheasant stew itself - with the pheasant all in bite-sized pieces, you barely noticed its toughness.

Fettucine with braised pheasant, mushrooms and bacon

And PS - this is definitely not Low-Fat, but I really think it's a sin to waste food.

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