Thursday, August 11, 2005

Low-Fat Stew

88. Beef Braised in Beer

I made this stew last night for lunch today. It's from the Low Fat chapter, and is just wonderful - warm and nourishing and comforting, but not heavy or stodgy. I find it very difficult to find low-fat food that I actually feel like eating in winter (I normally go for salads, fresh vegetables and so on when trying to lose weight), but this was perfect.

It's really simple too, with no spices except for mustard powder. All the flavour comes from the prunes, carrots, onion and beef, which are browned on the stove, and then slowly cooked in the oven. I actually didn't realise that the prunes were not stoned, so ended up picking most of them out whilst I reheated it on the stove today.

Beef braised in beer

Nigella says it makes six servings, but even with rice on the side, we only got five. That was one for each of us, with enough leftover for an extra serving.

Daniel: Can I take the rest of this to work tonight?

I like it so much, I think I'll make some more, very soon!


Wandernut said...

Loooks yummy.
I tried to make beef bourguignonne last weekend and it was a disaster.
Was supposed to lightly coat marinated beef in flour to brown. But my stash of flour was mouldy. So i thought cornflour would do. But GAWD, big mistake. The whole stew turned gooey. Eeek.

Lady V said...

It looks wonderful. I tried to make beef stew the other day with my extra tough beef from my ruined black pepper beef stir fry, but didn't feel like eating it, so freezed it for stock instead. Hehe.

Just wanted to say that I love love love your blog. Girl, you're THE domestic goddess! ^_^