Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Pink things

Tonight I tried yet another of Nigella’s three beetroot recipes from the Low Fat chapter. Given that we had a decent amount of last night’s shredded beetroot salad left over, we ate that as well. And seeing that both items were pink, I thought we should have a pink dessert as well (the rhubarb ice-cream that I made ten days ago). Who cares about the fat content? This meal was all about the aesthetic, and when it comes to bright colours, for me, too much is never enough.

97. Beet greens with buckwheat noodles

This dish is undemanding and stress-free – you cook up some chopped beet greens (which look just like rhubarb) in a pan, and toss in boiled soba noodles with bottled sukiyaki sauce. The noodles turn a fantastic shade of magenta.

Beet greens with buckwheat noodles

We’d never tried beet greens before, and now that we have, I can’t say we’re mad about them. The leaves are ok, but the stems (even the little, thin ones) have this really weird salty taste and feral woodsy texture. In fact, we ended up just picking out all the noodles and leaving most of the beet greens on our plates.

Onto dessert – remember when I made the rhubarb ice-cream? I loved the mixture so much I had a good ten minutes of serious, concentrated licking – no bowl, utensil or beater was safe. But I think something went wrong in the churning process, as the final result was slightly icy. Tasty, but icily hard. Perhaps a 40 minute period of ripening in the fridge would have helped, but there was no way we were going to wait that long. I served it with some leftover chocolate sauce (from the recipe for Poires Belle Hélène), which I made to go with homemade vanilla ice-cream seven weeks ago. And just to let you know, it was still good. So if you ever make this chocolate sauce, and for some reason, don’t finish it immediately, an extended stint in the fridge will do it no harm at all.

Ice cream


Lady V said...

uhm... what does rhubarb taste like?

I live in UK and see this all the time, but never could get hold on simple recipes that use rhubarb. Heh.

Sarah said...

Hi Lady V,

Rhubarb's nice! It's hard to decribe the taste, but it has a wonderful fragrant fruitiness. Nigella has HEAPS of rhubarb recipes (there are about 8 in How to Eat alone)... so far I highly recommend the rhubarb, muscat and mascarpone trifle and the rhubarb jelly.

Apparently the rhubarb fool (Forever Summer) is ace, and it's easy.

xox Sarah

ps What's Jack Daniels glaze - is that something you make yourself or out of a bottle?

Lady V said...

I make Jack Daniels glaze myself... don't think you can get it in a bottle, heh.

Its basically brown sugar, sesame oil, kicap manis, soy sauce, lemon juice and a shot of Jack Daniels whiskey combined together to make a sweetish caramelly glaze. Me likey.

I keep on seeing rhubarb stems in the market, but since i don't really know how to cook it and I heard that they can be poisonous, I don't think I dare to...