Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I love Meat

Ok, I think it’s time for me to stop with the salad and falafel rolls. I had one of them for lunch again today, and was starving long before dinner time rolled around, which meant, again, scoffing down toast whilst preparing tonight's meal. I was so hungry that fruit or yogurt just wasn’t gonna cut it. This is annoying, because the falafel rolls are delicious… and cheap! Only $2.70 each. Sushi hand-rolls are about $2.50 each (I’d definitely need two), and a baked potato with taboulleh is $5. Maybe I could bolster the falafel rolls with something extra from home – more salad, some grilled veggies, more fruit, a small bread roll or something. Because now that I’m not working I can’t be so blasé about spending money. Sigh…

75. Steak (Low Fat)

I took the bus home from uni today, planning to get some steak for dinner from Rendinas Butchery, the fabulous butcher near my house. I got off the bus around 5:10pm, totally buggered, and suddenly panicked – what if they were closed and I had to traipse all the way up to the supermarket?? I mean, Rendinas are closed on Sundays, they close at midday on Saturdays (and who is even awake before midday on Saturday?), and they’re closed every public holiday. Luckily, however, when I got there at 5:12pm they were still open. I mean, they’d be fools to close at five and miss out on the lucrative “Sarah-is-buggered-from-uni-and-needs-fast-meat” market. I ended up with four pieces of fab scotch fillet, for $28 (yikes) because I thought my brother would be joining us for dinner. I was wrong. And he didn't even call. Hrmph. Well Daniel, you miss out! I put the extra one in the freezer for a future dinner for myself. Hah.

The steak is from the “Quick Stuff, or Suggestions for Almost Thrown Together Suppers” section from the Low Fat chapter. Basically Nigella suggests a piece of lean steak per person, grilled and sliced thinly, with teriyaki sauce and chopped fresh coriander. She says to serve it with wilted spinach (with lemon and nutmeg for an instant flavour boost) or sliced tomatoes with salt and balsamic vinegar, and English mustard. I used all three components.

Mmm... MEAT


Delicious. It was very substantial too, and a good break from the very calming low-fat, practically meat-free food of the past two days. I must say, though, it was hard to fight my low-carb-diet instincts with this meal. I am ashamed to say that I have done Atkins on more than one occasion, and steak with veg was an essential element of those times. Except back then, I would have slathered the meat in mayo, drowned the tomatoes in olive oil and stirred copious amounts of butter into the spinach. But not today.


domesticgoddess said...

mmmm JUICY STEAK! nothing better in this world.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried an Enviromeat Steak from Rendina's? - They're great!

The farmers have externally audited environmental management systems in place on their farms so that you know they are looking after things like revegetation and biodiversity, soil erosion and water quality, and on top of that all their animals are free-range, with no artificial hormones and all the beef is graded to guarantee tenderness.

Ask the nice butchers at Rendinas about Enviromeat :-)