Thursday, August 04, 2005

Low Fat Lunch at Home

76. Mackerel Teriyaki (Low Fat)

I used one enormous Spanish Mackerel tail for the four of us, which fed us generously. You're supposed to cook the fish in a non-stick pan with no oil, but I have to admit to using 2 teaspoons in the pan, because I am paranoid about food sticking. When you flip the fish over, you pour over teriyaki sauce (sugar, soy sauce, mirin and sake). Once you remove the fish, you let the sauce bubble and reduce a bit before pouring it over the fish on a plate. I served it with steamed bok choy and plain rice.

Mackerel Teriyaki

Mmm... this was great! Love that teriyaki sauce! And I think it would definitely work well with other fish and meats. Salmon... chicken... scallops... anything!

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annauk said...

Sounds great Sarah, and so simple - looks fab too!