Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Sarah Discovers How to Eat – Progress Report #2 [July]

Facts & Figures

As I’ve said previously, I need to be doing 1.05 recipes a day to make sure I get through all these recipes within my time-frame. At the end of June, my rate was 1.37 recipes per day. At the end of July, having made it to 72 recipes, I seem to have slowed down a bit – 1.18 recipes per day – but am still ahead of schedule.

My Situation

In last month’s Progress Report, I said I’d make an effort to go to the gym more, in order to counteract all of the rich and fattening recipes I’d been making. And this month, even though I was on holidays from university, I only went to the gym twice! (How embarrassing). I also said I’d make an effort to stop grazing on random desserts whilst working at my restaurant. Er… well… I made it through one whole weekend of work without eating any crap. But since then it’s been gobble gobble gobble. Of course, I’m justifying it to myself because work’s been absolutely terrible, and I’ve “needed” to gorge on sweet gooey fatty desserts in order to cope with the stress. In fact, the environment was so bad that I’ve just quit! (Read here for details).

I’m currently looking for a new job, but in the meantime I’m gonna be taking advantage of my free weekends to cook!

But oh dear, how fattening was everything I made in July?


Chicken & Chick Pea Tagine (Cooking in Advance)
Pancakes (Basics etc.)
Salmon Fishcakes (Feeding Babies and Small Children)
Anna’s Chick Pea and Pasta Soup (Cooking in Advance)
A Moorish Cake (Basics etc.)
Mixed mushrooms (Dinner)
Pea and Garlic Crostini (Dinner)
Victoria Sponge (Basics etc.)Mayonnaise (Basics etc.)
Oxtail with Mackeson and Marjoram (Cooking in Advance)Rhubarb and Muscat Jelly (Dinner)
Rhubarb, Muscat and Mascarpone Trifle (Cooking in Advance)
Pasta with Cream and Truffle Oil (Fast Food)

My whole family has been looking forward to and are enjoying Low-Fat August. I just need a rest from all this rich food!

Ooh and one more thing. When I went shopping last week, I decided to buy this fabulous, colourful, striped Pepe Jeans jumper – but my dad offered to pay for it, and wouldn’t take no for an answer, “because you’ve been working so hard and cooking so much for us”! SCORE! My mum also spontaneously bought me a super-cute green tea towel with a “Sweet Pea” design on it, “because I know you like peas!”

Me with my friend Natasha - Check out my new jumper. I knew this cooking lark would pay off!

xox Sarah

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Lotta said...


I love your new sweater, it's beautiful! You deserved it after all the cooking you've done. I've enjoyed reading your blog, thank you for sharing your project with us!