Monday, August 29, 2005

Where did she go?

Apologies for the slight break in recipes - I've been so knackered and busy (new job, studying, cooking in advance, going out, season 2 of I'm Alan Partridge), that come dinner time I couldn't even contemplate opening up my How to Eat and tackling a brand new recipe.

For the past couple of days, I've been living off the leftovers of the half coq-au-vin, eating out, and improvising dinners based on previous Low Fat recipes and what is lurking in my fridge.

For instance, on Thursday night, I made some stir-fried vegetables, (stir fried in Nigella's fat free way) and microwaved some grilled chicken that Dad had made for lunch.

And last night, whilst I was making some Venison in White Wine (stay tuned, it's going to be lunch on Thursday), I whipped up some soba for dinner. Soba with spinach, coriander, spring onions, shiitake mushrooms, seven-spice chilli powder and lots of bottled sukiyaki sauce. Delicious.

And by the way, whilst this food all looks very virtuous, I'm afraid that my "low-fat" eating plan has all but been thrown out the window. There's a surprising amount of chocolate lurking around my house. (Actually, my brother and father leave packets of chocolate and chips lying around the TV room for easy access as well...). And check out for some more evidence of crap I've been eating out of home. But I did go to the gym four times last week. And I probably should try to make the last three days of the month properly low fat...

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