Monday, June 27, 2005

Monday Night Dinner - Pasta with Butter and Stock Cube Juices (reprise)

Did you see the little gravy boat of sauce from lunch? I heated it through in a pan with butter and rosemary (from our garden, no less), to form the sauce for the pasta you see below. Delish.

Pasta - mmmm...

The last time I made this I was in essay-writing hell, and was too stressed and selfish to make anything more than a single serving. Today, however, I was feeling warm and generous and maternal - so quadrupled the quantities (from the One and Two chapter if you're interested, and you should be interested) and we all ate it. And by sheer coincidence, my dad had bought a baguette from Laurent this afternoon, so we ate it with the pasta. SCORE!

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klp66 said...

Sarah, I must say I'm really impressed with the effort you put into this blog. Very entertaining, always worth reading!
And - it's great to see pictures of the dishes from HTE....

Kirsten :-)