Thursday, June 09, 2005

A day off...

Oh my god, how bad was my exam today!? It was so so bad, there's a high chance that I failed it. Seriously. Oh well. Too late to do anything about it now. I just need to move onwards and upwards.

I had almost no sleep last night, got up early this morning and spent the morning studying at uni. After the exam in the afternoon, I came home and collapsed in bed for a few hours. Of course, there was no cooking tonight. But just for interest, here's what I ate...

- Couscous from Tuesday dinner
- Steak, spinach and potatoes from Wednesday dinner


Jet to let you know, that's ONE new potato squished in half, not two full sized potatoes. I am greedy, but I am not THAT much of a guts.

That was it. Not a cleverly thought out and opportunistic new dish created from old elements (e.g. Sunday Night Chicken Noodle, Pasta with Butter and Stock Cube Juices etc), not a clever postmodern recombination of existing elements to create new systems of meaning (a la Tarantino & Kill Bill), not a considered challenge of existing culinary generic paradigms (a la Coppola & Apocalypse Now, The Godfather) - I just chucked random stuff into a bowl and hoped for the best (a la Be Cool). Good God that film sucks. But this dinner was edible, a bit dry, but edible.

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