Friday, June 03, 2005

Time for a re-count

Look at that little "About" section above my picture on the right. When I first typed up my list of How To Eat recipes, I came up with 340. 340 recipes in 365 days... sounds so achievable, right? Well, I was wrong! Last night I did a recount, including more of Nigella's sidebar suggestions, and numbering them properly.

For example, previously, I had organised my list like this...

6. Meringues
a) Macaroons
b) Langue de Chat

18. Basic Vanilla Ice-cream
a) The World's Best Chocolate Ice-cream

... which is fine, until you realise that Meringues, Macaroons and Langue de Chat are three separate recipes, not one! Ditto for the Basic Vanilla Ice-cream. So, after including more of the suggestions AND separating the variations into separate recipes, my list now contains 385 recipes. 385, dammit!! How the hell am I going to do this?

And don't mention the fact that my exams start on Monday and I've barely started preparing.

Excuse me while I go crawl under my bed and have an anxiety attack.

1 comment:

snowdrop said...

oh dear, so sorry to hear you're feeling overwhelmed right now. don't worry, since you do make more than ONE recipe each time, surely you'd still be able to meet the targeted deadline? and even if you don't, wouldn't it have been a fun and enjoyable journey all the same?! :)

it may be exam nerves that's getting you down.. all the best of luck for Monday, don't worry about HTE in the meantime!