Saturday, June 11, 2005

Saturday Dinner #2

It seems that Saturday night has become the “Sarah & Mum eat alone at home” night, as Dad and Daniel are always working. So again, I looked to the One & Two chapter for inspiration…

22. Pasta with Unpestoed Pesto

This is one of the sidebar suggestions from the One & Two chapter, which I chose to make because we happened to have basil sitting in the fridge – I used about three quarters of it, and the rest is going in the Anglicised Involtini for tomorrow’s lunch.

It’s basically all the ingredients for pesto – basil, pine-nuts, cheeses, garlic and olive oil – tossed through cooked pasta, linguine in this case. The recipe says to grate in parmesan and shave in pecorino, but “frankly, it doesn’t matter if you use parmesan for both grating and shaving: who wouldn’t?” Answer: me! I have both pecorino and parmesan sitting in my fridge all the time, and love any excuse to use them. Mmm…

Pasta with Unpestoed Pesto

It was so super-easy to make, and didn't require lots of effort. In fact, it took me less than half an hour in total, straight after a huge gym session. And I just did it relaxedly, singing and dancing to Missy Elliot. I could see me making this regularly for quick, tasty, gratifying midweek meals.

This was fabulous, so tasty! The only problems were that it was just a tiny bit oily and could have had a bit more basil. This was my fault, as Nigella doesn’t specify quantities, so I just winged it. (200g pasta for both of us, plus random amounts of the other ingredients).

Mum: Ooh my lips are moisturized!

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Ilana said...

this looks soooo divine!!! i love how nigella is so knowledgeable with her italian cuisine.. it is really emanant (sp?) in HTE and also in her earlier At My Table articles, which by the way are about two pages longer than the ones she writes nowadays.. (vicious editors, LOL!) .. anyhoo, i just wrote a post on how i will be making a lot of the One and Two recipes since I will be on my own for about 2 months this summer.. seeing these pictures and your comments makes it look and feel very comforting... so thank you!