Sunday, June 12, 2005

Sunday lunch for my brother and his mate

My first porky recipe!

I bought pancetta the other day, in preparation for making this pasta. Carbonara is one of my brother’s favourite dishes, so I was excited to make this for him! Last night a friend of his crashed at ours after a night out, and they woke up at around 1:00pm. So, I started cooking for them, chatting all the while as they sat in the kitchen, shaking themselves out of their stupor with orange juice and tea. The recipe makes enough for two, "I incline towards two for lunch and one for dinner"... so with two eaters, there were no no leftovers, thank goodness.

23. Spaghetti Carbonara

Yurgh, pancetta is so feral! It smells grosser than bacon, in my opinion. You have to cut it up in cubes, and cook it in a pan with oil. Then you add white wine and let it reduce, add butter, toss through some cooked spaghetti and then a mixture of eggs, cheese, pepper and nutmeg. Nigella says you don’t have to add cream, because “this takes it away from being something one can get together with ingredients to hand”. However, I happened to have some cream in the fridge, so I added a couple of spoonfuls.

Carbonara in pot

2 huge bowlfuls!

Ben & Pasta



Ben: This is good.
Sarah: Thanks, you know the recipe says this could serve one person!
Ben: Is it an American book?

Daniel: This is good, but I think the pancetta needs to be in smaller pieces, and cooked more crisp.

Haha, I have no idea how to cook porky stuff… I hope they don’t get sick!

So I guess the verdict is that this is a good recipe, as long as you cook the pancetta correctly! Obviously I didn't try any... Daniel said it tasted good, but wasn't quite creamy enough. So there you go.

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Ilana said...

hehe, love Ben's comment. 'is it an american book?'.. hehe. the man has a point ;) great job with the carbonara. i also can't step foot anywhere near pancetta (pork chops and sometimes are as far as i go).. so good job working with ingredients you don't really like. though i don't think i could ever make a tuna dish... eugggh!