Thursday, June 30, 2005

Clementine Cake Verdict


It's fantastic. It's very fragrant, the smell of the clementines fills the kitchen and creates a really homey atmosphere. It was actually difficult not to dig into it the first day. Nigella says it improves with sitting around.

Cake inside - I love how brightly yellow the centre is.

On Wednesday night, my parents went out for dinner with Uncle Francis and Aunty Wendy, who are really cool (and who, incidentally, gave me How To Eat for my birthday this year), and they came back around 10 o'clock for coffee and cake. I had tea with my slice.

So the cake! Very yummy. It's so super-moist, as Nigella says, it's like one of those cakes that has been drenched in syrup, even though there is no syrup with this cake. And the flavour of the clementines is really pronounced, but not overpowering. My mum loves flourless orange cakes, so she was ecstatic with this. Mum and I had one and a half slices each. Uncle Francis had two slices. I'm pretty sure Dad and Aunty Wendy liked it.

In all honesty, it doesn't taste markedly different from the normal flourless orange cakes you can get at more upmarket bakeries here, but it is so easy to make that it seems pointless to buy one. And if you buy it, you don't get that feeling of self-satisfaction and accomplishment that comes with baking a cake. I was so excited with it I even brought a slice to my computer to show to friends overseas via webcam... unfortunately I couldn't actually give them any cake, so I just had to eat it for them whilst they watched. Shame.

How to Eat Cake


Gemma said...

This looks beautiful, guess I'll have to wait till Christmas to try it though :(

Gemma x

munichgirl said...

Thank you for sharing your impressions, it looks divine, fluffy and airy:))

Annauk said...

Now I've seen what it actually looks like - I'm going to try it, the tip about microwaving the clementines is great!

Sarah, I cant tell you how much it means to see the finished dishes , well done you!!

domesticgoddess said...

yeah man, you had me drooling over the computer when you were eating it!! oh well, i guess i'll *have* to make it soon... :)

nice one!