Saturday, June 11, 2005

Saturday Lunch #2

20. One-Pan Chicken (Dinner)
21. Basic French Dressing (Basics etc.)

There’s really not that much to say about the chicken, apart from that it’s easy to prepare and very delicious. High rewards for little effort! Also, as Nigella says, the quantities are a guide rather than a strict stipulation, so you can be relaxed about how much you use of each ingredient. I went by eye and only used as much as I thought we could eat, and would be able to fit into two large trays (hence only 2 capsicums and about half the potatoes).

Nigella said... I used
1.5 kg chicken, cut into 8... 1.3 kg chicken thighs
1kg new potatoes... About 500g new potatoes
3 red onions... The same
16 cloves garlic... 1 head garlic
3 red peppers... 2 red peppers
Coarse Sea Salt... Maldon (from my Living Kitchen blue salt pig)
Bunch flat-leaf parsley... Oh shit, I forgot the parsley!

I don’t think the lack of parsley detracted from lunch in any way, it was great! It got a bit soggy though, because it finished cooking before my parents came home, so I left it sitting in the warm, turned off oven for about 20 minutes.

French Dressing – it’s good! It complements the salad leaves without being invasive.


Colourful - I just realised, it's called one-pan chicken but you have to use two pans.

Saturday Lunch... surprisingly sunny and it’s the middle of June


Dad: Thanks for lunch, this is really, really good!
Mum: I love squishing the soft garlic. And roasting the capsicum makes it so sweet.
Daniel: Ah... then roasting capsicum is like making love to a woman. And this chicken’s good. It tastes good, and is tender and juicy. Juicy… moist…sweet… tender… juicy… (Oh shut up Daniel)

Which lead us to start singing…

Daniel & I: It’s the juice… that makes it juicy
It’s the fruit that makes it fruity
It’s the funk that makes it funky

It’s the junk that makes it junky

Rock out.

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Ilana said...

LOL... your family is too funny!!! I like that you get comments from your family... Mine is not very, um let's just say, specific... They just say, 'this is good'... oh well... LOL...