Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Tuesday Dinner

I came home from yoga at 6:30 and got cracking on dinner. Thanks to the pea risotto, and the fact that everyone in my house was working or studying, my kitchen was still a mess. Crap.

15. Chicken with Spring Onion, Chilli and Greek Yoghurt
16. Cherried and Chick Pea’d Couscous (Variation)

So, dinner. Fast Food chapter, again. It was grilled chicken breasts, with a tzatziki-like sauce. You can serve it with couscous, a green salad or a tomato salad. I had initially thought to just do a green salad, but got at the last minute got scared that there wouldn’t be enough and did the couscous as well.


The couscous is very easy to do, as you would expect, and it can be made with items that we always have lying around (couscous, chickpeas, pine nuts, cumin, stock granules, butter). It actually comes from a different menu in Fast Food, where it's served with lamb racks. If you do it with the lamb, Nigella says to add dried sour cherries and cinnamon. I'll let you know what that one's like when I make it.


But oh my god, the bloody chicken breasts. It’s all my fault, I chose the largest breasts I could find, but was too lazy to pound them thinner, and they took ages, and when I got them on the table, some weren’t cooked! Grrr… so I let my family start on the decent ones. The uncooked ones I sliced lengthwise, ran back to the grill pan and kept cooking them, with my tummy rumbling all the while.


Verdict: It was ok. Not stunning, but not crap either. I’d say they were the low side of good. I mean, it all tasted nice, and the yogurt was well tasty, but there just wasn’t that “WOW” factor that so many Nigella recipes have. If, however, I felt like chicken and couscous, I’d probably do Nigel Slater's grilled (or fried) chicken, which tastes absolutely incredible, and have Nigella's yogurt as an accompaniment.

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