Saturday, April 22, 2006

Goodbye to "One & Two"

With my making the salade niçoise, I have now officially completed the One & Two chapter!

Here's a look back at all the recipes...

33. Mushroom Steak Sandwich
156. Linguine with Clams
239. Cod with Clams
147. Moules Marinière
148. Exceptional Salmon
341. Salade Nicoise
167. Scallops and Bacon
187. Prawns with garlic and chilli
271. Fried Prawn Cakes
158. Peter Rabbit in Mr McGregor’s Salad
261. Liver with Sweet Onions
273. Duck with Pomegranate
284. Marinated, Flattened Quail
155. Chicken with Morels
302. Steak Béarnaise
126. Steak au Poivre
244. Home carpaccio of Beef
267. Lamb and Bean Braise
14. Pea Risotto
128. Pea Soufflé
207. Cream of Chicken Soup
131. Butternut and Pasta Soup
11. Sunday Night Chicken Noodle
66. Spaghetti Aglio Olio
183. Linguine with Lardons
23. Spaghetti Carbonara
12. Pasta with Butter and Stock-cube juices
22. Pasta with Unopened Pesto
137. Pasta with Anchovy Sauce
279. Kale with Chorizo and poached egg
280. Chick peas with Sorrel
251. Young Grouse with Mascarpone and Thyme
170. Blini
269. Zabaione
259. Bread and Milk
263. Baked Semolina
166. Apple and Walnut Crumble
208. Risotto-inspired Rice Pudding

The main important things I've taken from this chapter are some cracking pasta recipes, how to prepare shellfish, and how to enjoy food when it's just for myself. (Although in many instances I have doubled or tripled the recipes with no detrimental effect on the food). In general, the food from this chapter has been highly flavoured, satisfying to eat, and fun (if sometimes very fiddly and time-consuming) to prepare.

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Ange said...

Congratulations, it must be satisfying to knock one section over for good!