Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Gypsy Toast

Gypsy toast, AKA French toast, AKA eggy bread, AKA bread dipped in egg and fried, has always been known as "Bombay Toast" in my household. We were first introduced to it by my grandfather, who himself first tried it in Bombay.

me and ah kong

That's my grandfather there, holding me when I was 1 year old... did you know that in addition to showing us Bombay Toast, he introduced me to coffee. Right after that photo was taken. Seriously. Little Sarah was given her first sip of coffee at the tender age of 1. No wonder I'm totally addicted now!

328. Gypsy Toast (Feeding Babies and Small Children)

Nigella suggests giving Gypsy Toast, cut into funny shapes with cookie cutters, to children. Easy peasy.

I used a bell, a tree and a mini gingerbread man shape, as well as a couple of grown-up whole slices, for a grown-up appetite.

frying toast

My breakfast - with a cup of coffee. My grandfather would be proud!

It seemed like a waste to just check out the bread scraps, so we decided to fry them up too.

frying scraps

Yum yum.


Ilana said...

Mmmmm, I loved these when I made them. I was curious to see which shapes you would use, they look fantastic!!! I had mine with sugar on top; you should do that next time too!
Ok, will stop being bossy now. Anyway just wanted to say I'm so happy to see you back and what a BOOBA you were in that picture!!! Your grandpa looked like a sweetie, thanks for sharing that! :))

deborah said...

my family call it bombay toast too! i've always thought that it was just us... but i am glad to know others also use it as title. love love french toast, especially with strawberry jam and yoghurt!