Sunday, April 09, 2006

Must've been a pretty big duck!

We had a relatively simple dinner tonight - spaghetti and meatballs.

327. Duck Meatballs (Feeding babies and small children)

This is the last of Nigella's 4 meatball recipes.

31. Meatballs in Tomato Sauce
Special Meatballs
Ham & Turkey Meatballs

For the balls, she says to mince up a duck breasts with a chopped, cooked cooked onion (fried in the rendered duck fat, naturally), milk-soaked bread, orange zest, an egg and cinnamon. I actually used meat from other parts of the duck - duck breasts are very expensive here, so the last time I needed duck breasts, I bought the whole duck (much cheaper per kilo), used the breasts, and froze the remaining carcass for this recipe. I defrosted it last night, and cut off as much meat as I could with a very sharp night tonight.

The meatball mixture turned out quite soft and gloopy, but they didn't break up or fall apart at all. You form the mixture into balls, fry it, and then drop the balls into a gently simmering tomato sauce.

I know that Nigella likes her meatballs with rice, but we always prefer it with pasta.

duck meat ball pasta

It was very nice, and perfect for a freezing cold night. But you know, after having tried all of the meatball recipes, I truly believe that the original (plain beef) was still the best.

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Lisa said...

Sounds good! Do you think they might also be tasty w/some sauce other than tomato?
Bon voyage to your bro, your trusty sidekick in eating.