Friday, April 07, 2006

Béchamel's Variation No. 3

322. Parsley and Ham Patties

Nigella gives this recipe as a suggestion for using up leftover parsley sauce. Basically, you mix up cold mashed potato, leftover ham, parsley sauce and an egg, and form them into patties. In the recipe, she doesn't actually say what to do with these patties, but I figured that she meant for them to be crumbed and fried, much like the salmon fishcakes.

I had no breadcrumbs at home, but cannily made some out of wholemeal toast.

These ham cubes are leftover from that inedibly salty ham in cider that I made a few weeks ago. In my salt-induced despair, I was ready to chuck the whole lot out, but thank goodness my mum had the presence of mind to take the leftover slices, and soak them overnight in water, before chopping the de-salted slices up into little chunks and freezing them. Thank-you Mum!!

mash potato

frying patties

I ate them with peas.


They tasted good, but the salmon fishcakes are much, much nicer. Also, I'd recommend not being too generous with the parsley sauce, as it really softens the potato mixture and makes it hard to shape into patties.

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tytty said...

hi, i just came across your blog, and as stalker-ish this might sound, i have been engrossed in both of your blogs the whole morning. my bf was teasing me bout it and i told him, " i just like seeing what people are eating!!"

i admire your dedication and the fact that you're cooking for your family. you have almost reignite my passion for cooking again, which died down after an overload.

i told my friend that i wish you were my neighbour!

ok, this was a long comment. i'll stop now. :-D