Thursday, July 07, 2005

A Comforting TV Dinner

44. Salmon Fishcakes

These fishcakes are from the Feeding Babies and Small Children chapter. I actually made them a couple of weeks ago and stashed them, as Nigella suggests, in the freezer. Tonight, when I came back from Mount Martha, I couldn't think of what to make for dinner for my mother and I, so we had these. I made 4 for my mum and only 3 for me (having just eaten a chocolate-cream Krispy Kreme donut which my brother brought back from Sydney for me, and a piece of toast). So we've got more sitting in the freezer for future speedy-suppers.

I actually found the recipe a bit confusing, and I flour-egg-breadcrumbed them before freezing them, but I think Nigella means for you to freeze them uncrumbed, and just crumb them before frying.

Anyway, you take them, "stonily unthawed", fry them for a couple of minutes on either side, and put them in a 120c oven for 20 minutes to an hour, by which time they'll be warmed through.

Frying cakes

Peas and fishcakes

These fishcakes make a re-appearance in Nigella Bites, in the Comfort Food chapter. And eaten with peas and tomato sauce, they were perfect for an armchair-bound dinner, slumped in front of the TV watching Arrested Development on DVD.

Salmon Fishcakes on TV table

They're really, really yummy. Not too stodgy either, which I believe is due to their small size. They're crunchy and soft and full of tasty fishy goodness! I could eat them by the truckload, which is why I'm glad I only made 3 for myself! The amount you can eat is obviously limited by the amount you choose to fry and bake. My greed is only exceeded by my laziness - even if I could eat more, as if I'd be arsed frying more and then waiting around for another half hour...!

Highly recommended.

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domesticgoddess said...

yummy yummy! fishcakes and sitcoms, what more could you want :)