Monday, July 25, 2005

Monday Night Dinner

So, I went back to uni today. Woohoo. I know I said I'd be taking it more seriously this semester, but yeah...

Today, in between classes, I went down to Safeway with my friend An to pick up some rhubarb. Low Fat August is coming up, and I need to get as many of Nigella's eight rhubarb recipes out of the way before this happens. Also, rhubarb happens to be in season until about September, October at the latest, I think.

It was so funny, I had a kilo of these massive rhubarb sticks in a plastic bag, and I tried to shove them in my uni bag, so that I wouldn't look so gimp-like, carrying groceries around uni. But the rhubarb could only fit (just) when I removed the biggest book I was carrying - How To Eat. So I ended up carrying a cookbook around in my arms like a textbook, with these massive rhubarbs sticking out of my bag and bumping into people as I walked. And I thought I was going to be focusing on my studies this semester!

Rhubarb in the bag - they were actually covered in plastic today, but I took it off so you could see the lovely red colour.

So after all that, dinner!

66. Spaghetti Aglio Olio

This is from the One & Two chapter, and Nigella suggests it for a night when you're extremely exhausted. Perfect for me! I still haven't taken any down time to recover from last week's spate of going out, staying out, late night chats, cooking, and 3 consecutive nights of work. Anyway, back to the spaghetti... I tripled it to feed three of us. It's super easy, and super quick. I actually made it this evening whilst preparing other parts of my upcoming first rhubarb recipe. (Stay tuned...)

You simply turn some cooked spaghetti in some oil (I used extra virgin - with so few ingredients I assume you need the best quality), which you warm in a pan with some garlic and crumbled chilli peppers. I added chopped parsley, and we added grated cheese (pecorino for me, parmesan for my parents) at the table.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio

It's incredibly satisfying - tasty and warm and nourishing. It's a very simple, storecupboard standby dinner. Mmm...

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