Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The randomest lunch

Ok, so this isn't anything new, or even from How to Eat, but it's what I ate for lunch today, in a mad rush to get out of the house and to the bus on time.

I'd actually gotten up exceptionally early, 8:26am, to be precise, and didn't need to leave the house until 12:20pm, but ended up late and in a rush, almost missing my bus, because I used my morning to chat online and to take photos of all my favourite shoes to show my friends.

And here's the lunch...

Toasted white bread, spread thickly with ace mayonnaise, some roasted peppers (which my mum made), and some mixed lettuce. See, my logic says that if you put lettuce in something, it stops it from being fattening. Hmm...

It was yum.

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