Thursday, July 07, 2005

I'm back!

On our second morning in Jess' holiday house in Mount Martha (which I've discovered is only an hour away, so definitely not the country), I made breakfast.

43. Pancakes

I got up early while my friend Jess was still asleep (and by "early" I mean 10:30am) and got started on the batter. I couldn't find a set of scales, so I just guest-imated the quantities of flour and milk. As Nigella says, "a batter is a batter is a batter", so I don't think you need to be too concerned about exact quantities. I mean, you'll just end up with a slightly thinner or thicker batter. (According to the recipe, you need - 125g plain flour, 300ml milk and 1 egg). We only had self-raising flour, so I used that.

Pancakes were actually the first thing I ever learnt how to make - when I was 7, standing on a stool at our stove. Aww... memories!

Production Line

I know the first one is supposed to screw up, which gives you a chance to wolf one down whilst you cook the other ones. Actually, by following all of Nigella's directives (hot pan, small amount of batter, small amount of oil), the first pancake didn't screw up. I still wolfed it down though. With lemon juice (from a yellow plastic container) and some thick granulated sugar. Just like in the English childhood I never had!


Mmm... we ended up with about 12 pancakes, and we ate them with lemon and sugar. With my second pancake I had banana and greek yogurt, but lemon and sugar is definitely the superior choice.

I haven't made pancakes in ages... I'll definitely be repeating this for a weekend brekky. Yum!

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snowdrop said...

welcome back, sarah, you've been missed!