Friday, July 22, 2005

More leftovers…

Last night as we were inhaling that Victoria Sponge, I realized we wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) be able to finish it, and thought of Uncle Mike.

So I gave him a call, and we arranged for him and his wife Aunty Helen to come over for morning tea today.

Mum: So explain what this cake is.
Me: Well, it’s a Victoria Sponge with Seville orange curd, which I made myself, and mascarpone.
Aunty Helen: A Victoria Sponge is more a butter cake than a sponge cake isn’t it?
Me: Yes, because you don’t whip up the egg whites.
Uncle Mike: Well it’s a very nice cake, whether the egg whites are whipped or not.


Even Aunty Helen said it was a good cake – she’s not the type to mince words or lie, so it means a lot that she liked it.

Between the five of us (Uncle Mike, Aunty Helen, my parents and myself) we almost finished it. There’s just one piece remaining. Any takers? Get in quick, because my mum’s eyeing it…

And a little bit later, for my lunch…

I scavenged all the cold meat off the roast duck carcass…

The duck's dead... wrapped in plastic

And served it with some of that insanely good mayo and some salad.

Duck, seville orange mayo and salad


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Sarah - I just LOVE this blog!