Friday, July 15, 2005

The Day After Mum’s Birthday

This morning when I got up at eleven o’clock, my parents were just heading out the door. So I had a lazy morning, pottering about the house and going on-line. And at about midday, they came home and surprised me with a gift to say thank-you for last night’s meal. And guess what it was! A set of cream Living Kitchen cappuccino cups! Wow! It was totally unexpected, and exactly what I wanted!

So I made coffees for my mum and I, and made good use of the egg-shaped saucers.

Cappucini with Teddy Bear Biscuits and Hobnobs. It’s all about the biscuits.

And for lunch I made soup out of the leftover pumpkin purée (Nigella says it makes wonderful soup), by adding boiled water and three-quarters of a stock cube. It was really good, especially with crusty baguette.

Pumpkin Soup

And this has absolutely nothing to do with How to Eat, but here is a close-up of my shoes…

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Meg said...

Love the shoes! I've been away for a couple of weeks and I've really enjoyed catching up with all you've done Sarah - must try the birthday meal mushrooms.