Monday, April 17, 2006

A couple of extra things to add...

First, I forgot to give a description of the digestive biscuits from yesterday. They were nice! But very, very different from the McVitie's original, to which I am hopelessly addicted. The homemade ones aren't crunchy and sweet, but more chewy and plain. (Not a bad thing). They taste more like those Scottish oat biscuits that you might have with cheese. I didn't expect anyone apart from me to like them, but when we ate them after lunch yesterday my parents loved them. And the next day, when my friend Danielle came over, she tried my biscuits and said she really enjoyed them. She had 2.

Secondly, you may remember that my brother's in Japan at the moment. I chatted to him online last night.

Sarah says:
Daniel, read this

Daniel says:
the venison sounds so good
the fish on lentils look great

Sarah says:
venison? i haven't made it yet

Daniel says:
hence "the venison sounds so good"
cos I remember we had it last time and it was nice

Aww! What a great bro. The last time we had venison was the venison in white wine, which was indeed very nice.

And finally, in response to Ilana's question about the silver tub which held the lemon meringue ice-cream, it's from Trampoline Gelato. When you buy a 4-flavour take-home pack, they give it to you in one of those spunky metal containers. Trampoline Gelato is, in my opinion, the best ice-cream in the world. I might just have to keep going back and buying more ice-cream to get more of those metal containers. Oh, life is tough.


fooDcrazEE said...

wow! if only i have time to cook like u do...anyway, the staff quaters we had is too small to cook. dont wanna stink up my clothing..chuckle

Ilana said...

OH BUM. well i have to do a froogle search now for 'metal ice cream containers'!! LOL. thanks for the info chicquita!!! and tell your bro i say HELLO!