Thursday, April 06, 2006

Sarah Discovers How to Eat – Progress Report #10 [March]

Facts & Figures

I made 31 recipes in March, and I am up to 316 recipes. I’ve got 2 months to do about 80 recipes. Easy!


Baked figs (Fast Food)
Cold Roast Fillet of Beef (Dinner)
Yorkshire Pudding with Syrup and Cream (Weekend Lunch)
Baked Veal and Ham Pasta (Cooking in Advance)
Fancy Cake (Basics etc.)
Steak Béarnaise (One & Two)
The Irish Club's Irish Stew (Dinner)
Birthday Cake (Basics etc.)
Vegetable Soup (Basics etc.)
Tagliata (Dinner)


Ham cooked in cider with leeks, carrots and potatoes (Weekend Lunch)

My progress

Most of the remaining recipes fall into 3 categories – those that I’m saving for a special occasion (e.g. the chocolate-raspberry pudding cake), those that contain hard-to-find ingredients (e.g. poached quince, and those that just plain freak me out (e.g. the second pheasant stew and the mostarda di venezia). However, 10 months into the project, I’ve been able to source almost all of the hard-to-find ingredients, or at least think of suitable alternatives. So I think that we’ll be seeing a lot of interesting and unusual recipes over the next 2 months!

xox Sarah


plum said...

Sarah I saw a box of quinces at a market other day - so they are definitely around right now!

Sarah said...

Ooh thank-you!

I'll be on the lookout for them!

xox Sarah

markii said...

You manage to source awesome ingredients! :P

I am all about pomegranates at the moment.