Sunday, October 09, 2005

Special Meatballs

I had a free afternoon, and a kilo of expensive beef mince sitting in my fridge... it was time to make something special.

145. Special Meatballs

These balls are a variation on the meatballs in tomato sauce from the childrens' chapter. The difference here is that instead of being pure beef, the balls are 50/50 veal and beef, with some chicken livers added. I used stir-fry strips of veal, which I minced myself with the livers...

Veal and Chicken Liver - looks like something Hannibal Lector would eat.

... and then added to the already minced beef. So with this meat mixture, you just continue as you would for the normal meatballs, that is, adding cooked onions, herbs, soaked stale bread, parmesan cheese, and then rolling them into balls.

These were heaps mushy, and quite difficult to roll. I got about 80 balls out of the mixture, and decided to freeze half of them for a later date. Nigella says to coat them in flour and then fry them before adding them to the tomato sauce, but I really couldn't be arsed so just chucked them straight in and hoped for the best. Luckily they didn't break up... much.

Sauce and Balls - the sauce is onions, celery, carrots and garlic, cooked in oil and butter, with tinned tomatoes and milk.

Then toss it through some fettucine and that's it!

These were very, very tasty. Special meatballs, indeed.

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