Sunday, October 23, 2005

Girl with a reputation?

I think I'm getting a bit of a reputation as a good cook, which is aided, in no small part, by my constant blabbering about food, recipes, what I'm cooking, what I'm eating, what I'm thinking I'll cook... That's right, the food obsession is not just limited to the on-line arena. And it's definitely escalated since I've started the Sarah Discovers How to Eat project - what with having to plan, to cook, to photograph and then write about food practically every day.

When I was younger, I used to be really coy about my interest in food, and wouldn't talk about it much to my friends. I guess I thought that people might find it lame and uncool to have such a weird pastime. But as I've grown older, I've become more confident and no longer feel the need to be apologising for myself. Lots of kids my age don't even know how to cook. Hmph.

By way of example, yesterday as I was coming home from work, I got a call from my friend Mark, (who CAN cook), with a food-related question. I met him about two months ago and he is a really, really lovely person.

Markii & Sarah

Sarah: Hello!
Mark: Hi!
Sarah: What's up?
Mark: So, if I were making a roast, how do I make gravy?

I think I said something like, "deglaze the roasting tray with wine, don't use cornflour, because cornflour thickened sauces aren't fabulous". Then about 5 minutes after we hung up, I messaged him with proper instructions -

Forgot to say, put 1 halved peeled onion, unpeeled garlic cloves and tomato slices to the pan when cooking. Use stock and wine when making gravy for more liquid.

Aah... I felt so grown up and authoratative.

Sarah & Markii


markii said...


You're a doll!

The gravy turned out really nice, but the roast was overcooked. It turned out really tough! It probably didn't help that we bought a "heart smart" roast either.. !

Next time...

Sarah said...

Hehe no worries!!

Ewwww... heart smart roast. To make them edible you need to baste generously with butter and olive oil and drown in gravy. Preferably add some beef fat to the pan if you've got it.


xox Sarah

Anonymous said...

thanks for the gravy tips - it turned out ace. And now i have a left over lamb bone to cook soup with... mmmm
un beso

ps. is 25 euro for a lamb leg for 4 ppl overpaying!!????!! i don´t remember it being so expensive in oz.

Sarah said...

Um... ce ne serait pas trop cher, si le viande est de bonne qualite. Pour exemple, j'ai payé $27 pour 1 kg d'agneau hier, mais c'était organic et biodynamique. Au supermarché, le viande est moins cher, bien sur.

Je suis bien contente que tu as aimé le gravy!!

Grosses bises,

La Sarah

Anonymous said...

Le gravy etait super et je n´ai pas du utiliser gravox le chercher

car j´imagine que c´est dificile de trouver en Espagne ou en qualquier pays dehors d´Australie ;)

Je n´achete jamais ma viande au supermarche parce qu´il y a un tas de boucheries avec hanging jamons dans un quartier pres de moi :)

Bisou! f