Thursday, October 13, 2005

Shepherd’s Pie #2

There are two shepherd's pie recipes in How To Eat. About three weeks ago, I made the version with raw minced beef, and today I made the version with leftover cooked meat. (Technically it's called a cottage pie if you use beef instead of lamb, but who calls it that these days?)

146. Shepherd's Pie (Cooked Meat)

You don't need a lot of leftover meat to make a new pie - this is the last remaining slice of beef topside from my perfect plain Sunday lunch for 3 last week, and it weighed exactly 100g.

To turn it from a slab of meat into a pie filling, you have to do the following. First, cook up some onions, carrots, parsley, garlic and celery until soft, then add the finely chopped meat, some semolina and a tin of tomatoes, and cook for about 20 minutes.


I found that this amount fit into two ramekins perfectly, and I used 3 new potatoes to make the topping. I ate them both myself.

Shepherd's Pie

I actually prefer this version to the one made with raw meat, because of the wonderful flavour in the sauce.


Anonymous said...

That shepherd's pie looks great, hermana! I like the looks of the tomato-based beef sauce. And...I guess you're right...who says "cottage pie" nowadays when shepherd still has that modern ring to it.

Lisa said...

Oo -- not anonymous, it's me, Lisa.