Thursday, October 27, 2005

"Girl with a reputation?" - Part 2

Well, the very next day after Markii asked me how to make a gravy, I got a text message from my friend Frances, who is currently in Madrid.

cherie!wats a fail safe recipe4gravy? im goin2buy myself a hunk of meat&roast it! ;) Pat is goin2stay n madrid4 8 wks-shud b fun! gud luck w exam prep!

And she hadn't even read about Markii's asking me for gravy-advice. It was a sheer coincidence! So anyway, I messaged her back with a different gravy recipe (I had recommended Markii to make a red wine jus). I gave her the onion gravy that comes with the first roast beef in the Sunday Lunch section of the Weekend Lunch chapter. I haven't made it yet, but I'm planning on doing it shortly...

But did she like the gravy??

Check out the comment she left on the first "Girl with a reputation" post...

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