Sunday, October 23, 2005

Quick lunch

Here's what I had for lunch today.

Recently I've been looking through How to Eat for quick storecupboard recipes to make when I have time to cook, but not to shop. But now, in my 5th month of the project, I've found that they've become thin on the ground. (I've pretty much done all the ones in Low Fat and One & Two)... But then I remembered the kids' chapter!! The first half of that chapter is devoted to things you can make quickly, with simple ingredients, to satisfy a hungry and whiny child - in this case, me!

160. Children's Couscous

To make this, you cook a grated carrot (an organic Dutch carrot, leftover from the bunch I bought for my bunny salad) in some stock, then sprinkle in couscous and let it sit for 10 minutes. I added a handful of baby peas (as per Nigella's suggestion) to the carrots, and added a bit of olive oil at the end. And for your information, I used 200ml water and 100g couscous, which turned out perfect.


When I started eating it, I noticed it was a bit bland, so I added soy sauce and a lot of tabasco. Also, I found a half-empty tin of Sirena Italian tuna in oil in the fridge (the only canned tuna I like), which itself is very flavoursome, so I added it to my couscous. Fantastic stuff.

Last night, when I came home starving after being at a nightclub, I was totally craving carby saltiness, but there were no leftovers. In my desperation, I microwaved a Lean Cuisine Beef Lasagne to eat - it took 12 minutes to cook, and tasted like crap. Never again. Especially when I can make something like this couscous with only marginally more fuss than the Lean Cuisine, and with infinitely better payoff.

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Magpie said...

First off, your blog is great!

I make this for my kids all the time. It's great, and so much better than fries.

For flavor, I cook the couscous in chicken stock instead of water (or Nigella's stock trick - water with liquid chicken bouillon.)