Monday, October 31, 2005

A Good Jewish Lunch (not)

I heard somewhere that Nigella is Jewish, a fact I was reminded of as I stared into the huge pile of bacon and scallops I made for lunch today.

This then reminded me of this one time, when I had a really random encounter with a guy at a book shop. I went into the store to sell some textbooks, and gave the guy behind the counter my books and my details. He then looked me up and down and said "Sarah, huh? That's a Good Jewish name!" Er... ok? Do I look Jewish to you? My Jewish friends thought the story was hilarious.

And also, once I went to a Bed & Breakfast with my mate Al - he's Jewish but not Kosher, and occasionally eats bacon. For breakfast, he had some bacon and a glass of milk. "Aah...", he proclaimed proudly before digging in, "A Good Jewish Breakfast". Haha!

167. Scallops and Bacon (One & Two)
168. Roast-Sugar Sprinkled Peaches (Fast Food)

Today's lunch was based totally on the availability of ingredients at Box Hill market. I'd wanted to do red mullet, but there was no mullet... why is it that seafood that I see all the frikkin time suddenly disappears just when I want to cook with it? Grrr! Scallops and bacon, however, seem to be perenially available, thank goodness. But on a happier note, peaches are starting to appear back in the shops! They're still too sour to be eaten plain, so this was a perfect opportunity to try them cooked.

The peaches are halved, stoned and baked with butter and sugar (I used vanilla sugar). I think I ended up going a bit OTT on the butter, but it still tasted fine in the end.

Not yet roast peaches

I increased the quantities of scallops and bacon for three of us. They are simple to make - fry the bacon, then remove to a plate. Then in the same pan, fry floured scallops with some butter.

Floured Scallops - I chucked scallops and flour into a plastic bag, shook it up, and then shook off the excess flour in a sieve.

Then fry the corals for a very short while, and deglaze the pan with sherry.

Scallops and Bacon - lots of

Scallops and Bacon - one plate.

I had mine just with salad, but my parents chose to have bread with theirs. Either way, it is a very tasty meal! Thumbs up!

Roast Peaches

Peaches and Ice-cream

The peaches were nice as well. The soft texture is wonderful, and they were heaps sour, so the addition of sugar was welcome. But like I said before, I could have done with a lot less butter. Vanilla ice-cream from a tub is fabulous (just ordinary Peters in a 4L tub) - all melting and pristinely white and aerated and stabilised and xanthan gummed, I love it. As you will have noticed, I have recently been eating a lot of it.

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domesticgoddess said...

it looks perfect! scallops+bacon = perfection. that's all i can say. how much is a flight to australia??