Thursday, February 09, 2006

Lamb & Bean Braise

267. Lamb & Bean Braise (One & Two)

This is a Nigel Slater recipe. That means you know it’s going to be brilliant.

The last thing of his I made was a Moroccan style marinated grilled chicken, from his Real Food book. I really, really love Nigel Slater. Actually, maybe we can add him to that “top chefs Sarah would bag” list from the Q&A with Sarah post...

This stew practically cooks itself. The first thing you have to do is marinate some pieces of lamb neck overnight in red wine, with slices of orange, carrot, celery and other herbs. On the day of eating, you remove the lamb pieces and brown them, then cook the vegetables in a pot, re-add the lamb pieces, cover with the drained red wine marinade, and let it simmer, tightly covered, for 1 and a half hours. You’re supposed to soak and cook your own cannellini beans for this recipe, but I used tinned. You see, last night when I made the chicken stew, I opened a tin of cannellini beans instead of chickpeas by mistake, and didn’t want to waste them.

Anyway, I added the beans once the lamb was almost cooked and let the beans heat through. Then it was time to eat! With a lot of bread and a Futurama DVD.

lamb & bean braise

Yum, yum, yum.

One thing to note – if you think Nigella’s portions are large, wait ‘til you get to Nigel’s. They’re HUGE. The recipe is supposed to serve 2, so I halved it for myself. I only managed to eat half of the quantity that I made, and I was totally stuffed. So there’s a warning for you… beware of Nigel's enormous portions, and only make the whole lot if you're sure you can handle them.


julie said...

Hi Sarah, I made something very similar from the Kitchen diaries, bar the wine, with some leeks! Delish and comforting!
I'm off to read the q&a!

julie said...

Er, Sarah dear, I have little time for much else than my own blog and a bit of forum lurking (due to Maya) so I don't know if this has been asked and answered somewhere else...

How do you manage to stay slim with all that Nigella food you make and eat? (I'm not being cheeky, honest, I'm interested)

Sarah said...

Hi Julie!

Awww... you're so sweet!

Quick answer: I'm not slim!

I've been gaining weight since I started the project, but am trying to go to the gym regularly, and will definitely have a good detox once it's all over.

xox Sarah

julie said...

Ah, thanks a lot for your honest answer:-)

I'm sorry about that, though I saw your pic in the mag and you're still slim, don't worry, only if you used to be slimmer, you see the difference, of course! But it's healthy if you eat good food and exercize!

Now, of course, noone can go on a 100% Nigella diet without gaining weight, can they?

I commend you for your keeping up the project! Go girl!!

Sarah said...

Hey Julie,

No apologies necessary at all! Thank-you for all your kind words.

I haven't gained heaps of weight, but enough for me to notice. And I've never considered myself "slim" anyway. But, it doesn't bother me - I don't have self-esteem issues or body-image issues - and eating good food and exercising is definitely the way forward. :D

xox Sarah

julie said...

and very ight you are;-)