Saturday, February 25, 2006

Sweet 16

Hey, get in! According to Ed Charles, my little blog is number 16 on the list of Australian food blogs, which is ranked according to how many links to your site there are.

  • Top 20 food bloggers in Australia

  • Apparently I have 19 links to this site... which is EXTREMELY small by world blog standards, but very exciting for me. The top bloggers are pretty hardcore - hundreds, even thousands, of links! Craaaazy stuff.


    Lotta said...

    Congratulations Sarah! :)

    Anonymous said...

    you should probably return the favour and link some blogs from your site.

    Sarah said...


    Yup, you read my mind, anonymous. I'm currently working on a list of blog links (plus descriptions etc.) - soon to come at Sarah Cooks!

    xox Sarah

    ps Thanx Lotta!