Friday, February 10, 2006

A Very Nigella Dinner

I was hungry at about 7 o'clock tonight, and decided to make linguine carbonara for my dinner. This has become a useful last-minute dinner, now that my culinary repertoire has been so vastly expanded by How to Eat. I used the linguine that I have stockpiled in my storecupboard, a couple of pieces of bacon that were glad-bagged in my freezer, and some leftover cream which was sitting in the fridge.

Read the "Storecupboard", "Freezer" and "Fridge" sections at the end of the Basics etc. chapter, and you will understand why I am so proud of myself. An "efficient domestic angel", I am. For tonight, at least.

I guess this meal goes to show how much I've changed as a result of this project. When I first made carbonara, I didn't eat it (me eating pork? Never!) but according to my brother, the bacon was too chewy. And the second time I made it, it was disgustingly eggy.

But tonight, it was good, fantastic even. A perfect, gratifying, peaceful dinner.


I am so glad I started this project.

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