Monday, November 28, 2005

I couldn't get a lardon

183. Linguine with Lardons (One & Two)

Linguine. Bacon. Oil. Garlic. Parsley.

Yeah baby, yeah!


domesticgoddess said...

awesome. score. delicious!

p.s. if you couldn't get a lardon, maybe some appetising rhubarb jelly is necessary.

Ilana said...

¿Qué es Lardon?
Tú pasta está bonita!!!!!!

domesticgoddess said...

hey ilanita! lardons are bacon cubes. and sarah and i are making some very mature jokes, considering what it rhymes with.


Ilana said...


Sue said...

Mmm lardons. Do pigs get lardons? heh. Just wanted to say hi, I've ploughed through your archives yesterday and am looking fwd to your project unfolding. PS: even funnier for me because I am M'sian Hokkien too so I am hearing my parents everytime they talk

plum said...

I've seen these at some of the delis in the Prahran Markets Sarah. But it looks delicious even without it!