Monday, November 07, 2005

So I'll just run into a closet, hide under a big pile of coats, and everything will turn out fine...?

Hello all.

I just had my first hardcore day of study, in preparation for my upcoming exams. I've barely been to half my lectures this semester, and have been doing the bare minimum to pass subject requirements, without actually absorbing any of the information we were supposed to be learning. And looking over all my notes and lecture slides and books today, I came to a very profound realisation - I am fucked.

I'm so terribly behind. If I don't get cracking, this will become the Sarah Discovers How to Fail Her Exams blog. So, I've made the tough decision of taking a cooking and blogging break for the next two weeks, until my last exam on the 21st November. My How to Eat is going back on the shelf for the first time in 6 months, whilst I bury my head in the books, the dubbed-in-Japanese Korean DVDs, and the Microsoft Powerpoint lecture print-outs. I've also severely reduced my shifts at work. I'm getting back into my usual exam-time routine off all-day study in the library and all-night essay writing on my computer at home.

Bring on the sugar-free Red Bull!

xox Sarah

ps And oh shit, I just realised that the end of December isn't the midpoint for my project, the end of November is. So when I said in my last progress report that I want to have done 200 recipes by the midpoint, I technically should be up to at least 200 recipes by the end of November. I'm only up to 172 now. It's not going to happen. Arse, damn, hell, crap.


domesticgoddess said...

not to worry, chica! during the holidays you'll be cooking much more often than you have been, so you'll make up for the next two weeks. and yeah, you'll get through shitloads of recipes at christmas. you'll be absolutely fine!
good luck for the revision, just nail it :) EHUGS!!!

Ilana said...

awww, sarah, i'm going to miss your posts... but school comes first, girlie! best of luck and you will do GREAT!!!!!! don't worry about catching up; you are a trooper and you could knock off six recipes in one dinner party!


Adri said...

Good luck for your exams! Hope we can finally have An's birthday celebration when we are all finished...I heard it's Dec 4 now...


Sarah said...


THANKS for your message!!! Yes, I am so keen to do An's birthday dinner!

Ok, back to studying. For me and for you too, Miss-big-important-auditor-accountant-woman-with-the-clicky-shoes!

After the 21st of November, it's dinner party central at Sarah's place...

xox Sarah

snowdrop said...

poor you! don't worry, it's only 2 weeks, and as the others' have said, you'd definitely be able to catch up during the upcoming festivities... if all else fails, you could have a nigella chinese new year too ;)

meanwhile, good luck for your exams!!


Anonymous said...

dear sarah,

you and i managed to kickass the ib with similar preparation ;)

i know you can do it again!

Lotta said...

Good luck with the exams!!

Niki said...

I'm really enjoying reading about your project; so much that I'm procrastinating what I should be doing tonight.
I think you live quite near me too. ;-) There's quite a few places you mention that I recognise!
Did you know that there is a Melbourne foodbloggers event trying to be organised for next week? Are you interested in coming along? It would be great to meet all these new food blogging people in Melbourne. For so very long I thought I was the only one!
Send me an email: if you want more info. Currently we're looking at either Wed, Fri or Sat next week, at Wagamamma's in the city.

Niki said...

PS - It'd be a great way to celebrate the end of exams! I clearly remember this time of year (I was a student only last year and I currently work at a uni) and know how great it is to relax afterwards.

Ed Charles said...

Hi Sarah. It looks like Wednesday 23rd is the first Melbourne Food Bloggers night. I'm proposing a change in plan and visit The Trust for a freebie industry event.
The time is 7.30 and The Trust is at 405-411 Flinders Lane. I'm also writing a story for Gourmet Traveller on the subject. I'm going to take photos as AGT is keen on one of my comic book style records of the event. Feel free to bring your own camera. AGT would also like as an insurance policy of a portrait-style photoshoot at probably not later than 6pm that day - because of the light.
I'll let you know ASAP when I know what's happening on this. My email is edcharles(at)