Monday, November 14, 2005

Sarah Discovers How to Eat hits 10,000!

Hello Peoples!

I'm taking a mini break from studying for my Agricultural Economics exam (nasty business, that bird flu, don't you think?). I was just quickly checking up on my blog, making sure everything was ok, that it hadn't imploded in my absence... and noticed my hit counter!! (On the right there, at the bottom of the grey column, just above the "I Power Blogger" symbol).

I've hit 10,000!

Wahooooo! Glad that people are enjoying reading the blog! I'll be back on the other side of these exams!

xox Sarah (never underestimate the power of clicking "refresh")


domesticgoddess said...

woooohoooo! felicitations, la meuf!

it is much deserved :)

go celebrate with something sweet! i know you've been dreaming about cupcakes....

or, erm, more revision!

d to tha g xxxxxxxxxx

cin said...

Fantastic! Btw, nice to meet you and I guess I will see you on Tuesday.

kirstendk said...

Way to go, girl!
But it's obvious to me why so many people read your blog - it's fabulous!