Sunday, November 06, 2005

Can I get a hand clap?

This Tenderest Chicken must be pretty damn fantastic, four days on and I've made it again. Check it.

We ate it on the deck for lunch today, enjoying the lovely weather, with some cos lettuce dressed in fab ranch dressing - made up properly thick this time, with half mayo half buttermilk. It's so, so so so good! I want to have its babies!

Ooh and can you see the two little bottles of hot sauce next to the salt pig? The little one is ordinary Tobasco sauce, and the large one is Pure Louisiana Crystal Hot Sauce, sent to me from my friend Lisa in America. They're both fabulous, but I actually think I prefer the taste of the Crystal. Lisa asked my father and I to do a side-by-side taste comparison, to see which one's hotter. No contest there, the Tobasco's waaaay hotter! It even comes in a smaller bottle with a teensy hole at the end, so you can't let too much out at once. It's potent!


Ilana said...

I need to make this chicken!!!!

Oh, and I love your outdoor eating scene... it makes food taste better, doesn't it?? Glad the sun is finally shining on Melbourne ;)

Lushlife said...

Lousiana sauce is my absolute favourite - so hard to source in brisvegas though I have had to have it brought over as well when I can arrange it.