Friday, November 25, 2005


Today we had a lunch of leftovers, which I boosted by making some frittate from the children's chapter.

176. Frittata

You can use zucchini too, but we only had peas. I made three little ones in a blini pan. I used a handful of peas, one egg, and a grating of parmesan cheese for each one - firstly cooking the peas in the pan, and cracking the beaten egg over with some parmesan. As each one cooked, I transferred them to a tray, and then set them under the grill to finish them off.


These were great!

With some leftover sushi for a small yet proper meal.

Peas, an egg, parmesan cheese. You don't get much more storecupboard than that!

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Ilana said...

Ya know I'm all about store cupboard girlfriend!!! In a strange way I find it the most satisfying it because I am using up ingredients in such a wonderful and delicious way. I love your frittate and that you made them teeny tiny, very cute! If you do get a chance try the zucchini version; it was delicioso!