Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Return of the Irish Tarte Tartin

No new recipe today, sorry. But I do have some heart-stoppingly exciting pictures to share...

I ate quite healthily during the day - fruit salad for breakfast, roast beef focaccia for lunch, a diet coke, a couple of coffees, some fruit. I fell asleep after coming home from uni and (gasp!) left the cooking to mum. She made an ace chicken curry, which we ate with spinach and rice.

After dinner...

Dad: Hey Sarah, did you want me to drive you to the gym?
Me: Nah, it's ok, I'm too tired.
Dad: Ok then.
Me: suddenly remembering the tarte in the freezer and the custard in the fridge... Actually, YES!!! Let's go!

So I changed, went to the gym, and spent 45 minutes on the X-trainer, aided by some fab choooons on Channel [V]. (It was a hip-hop countdown, yay!) Then I came home, had a shower, and it was time for a tarte...

Carton with leftover tarte slices

Individually foil wrapped slices for easier defrosting

I microwaved three (unwrapped) slices at once, for my parents and myself. On high power, it took four minutes, and I swapped around the slices halfway through because they weren't defrosting evenly.

My slice with a cup of tea and some custard.

Actually, I lie... here's how I really ate it...

Bring on the custard!


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Anonymous said...

Mmmm. I love custard. My pie slices etc. always look like yours: drowning in custard. :D "Can I have some pie with my custard, please?" that's me. ;)