Monday, September 05, 2005

More soup for you!

Quick update on Sarah's soup situation - as I reported yesterday, the minestrone soup was good. But I don't think I was quite effusive enough in my praise.

Last night, I ate dinner quite early, before my parents did, so that I could fit in some Japanese homework and then go straight to bed. And about an hour after dinner, as I was dozing off in front of the Japanese news coverage of their election... Dad bursts into the room...

Dad: Sarah!
Me: rudely shaken awake UH! What what?
Dad: Just wanted to say, that soup is fantastic!
Me: Ooh, ooh! Nigella says you should try it with chilli oil!
Dad: Oh cool. I've been using tabasco. (Surprise, surprise Dad!).

Later, Mum told me, "I love it! As soon as I saw the pasta in the soup, I knew I'd love it".


I also had a nice warm bowl of minestrone for breakfast this morning, with a piece of toast and vegemite.

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