Monday, May 15, 2006

Raspberries and Cream

362. Raspberries and Cream

I've been um-ing and er-ing about whether or not to include this recipe in my list of recipes. It's a suggestion, right in the back of the Fast Food chapter. Nigella says to serve beautiful fresh raspberries with double cream as a dessert (this definitely would not count as a recipe). She also adds a variation, to use if "raspberries aren't absolutely as they should be at the moment", which is all the freakin' time in Australia.

She says to mash up some frozen raspberries, and to fold them through whipped cream, with icing sugar. A crumbling of shop-bought meringues is optional. (But obligatory for me). It's a very simple recipe, no? So like I said, I wasn't sure whether it counted as a proper recipe. However, I remembered that back at the start of my project, recipe number 7 was the obscenely simple vanilla ice-cream with pulverised dark chocolate, also a dessert from the Fast Food chapter. So to cut a long story (somewhat) short, it's being counted.

I chose to make it because Mum and I were in alone tonight, and I happened to have all the ingredients stashed in various places around the kitchen - a tub of double cream, half a packet of frozen raspberries, icing sugar, and the last meringue from a packet I bought months ago, covered in the sugary crumbs of its departed brothers.

I made this during the always too-short news break just before Desperate Housewives, taking heaps of shortcuts. I mixed the still-frozen raspberries with the unwhipped but delectably thick cream, and some sifted over some icing sugar. Then I scraped it into 2 champagne glasses and crushed the meringue on top. I let them sit on the kitchen bench until the first ad-break, by which time the raspberries had thawed sufficiently to be eaten.

raspberries and cream

What a treat! I adore the raspberry & white choc combination, and the similar combination of raspberries and cream works really well - sweet, rich cream against the tart berries. It was super-easy too, and a rather classy dessert to be eaten whilst we were sofa-bound and doona-covered.

one delectable spoonful

And to answer the most important question... Desperate Housewives was awesome - Gabrielle had a catfight with Sister Mary, a nun. It totally rocked.

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Randi said...

wow, you guys are a couple months behind us on DH. We have the season finale next week.