Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I wanted to procrastinate so badly i went to make duck liver crostini

I was hoping that my essay would be done by this time tonight, but I know now that that was just wishful thinking. It's 11:05pm and I'm only 27.53% of the way through it. And it's only my first, of 4 essays due within a week. Argh!!

Anyway, about an hour ago I took a study break and made some crostini.

391. Duck liver crostini (Dinner)

The method for these crostini is pretty much the same as the chicken liver crostini. The only difference is that Nigella says to omit the capers and anchovies, add some orange zest, and to use Grand Marnier in place of Marsala. It took about 30 minutes to make, whilst listening to Rod Stewart's Greatest Hits. (Yes, it's still in my CD player, and it still ROCKS).

crostini duck liver

Ok, back to the essay now. Duck liver crostini is totally a normal thing to be eating late at night during essay time.

They're pretty good actually, despite my aversion to liver and my stress-induced lack of appetite. And I guess I should mention here that the mushroom crostini and chicory and mustard salad were really, really good. My parents and I have been picking at them all day, and Dad declared the salad dressing "delicious".


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,
I love your blog; it makes me hungry, and gives me so many ideas! I would like your permission to link you--but my blog is a little intimate in style so I don't want to offend--is there an email address I can write to with details?

Yours, Z. Parsons

Lotta said...

Good luck with the essays, Sarah! Try not to stress too much (easier said than done, I know). I hope you get your appetite back soon.

Sarah said...

Hey Z Parsons,

You can just leave another comment - I have comment moderation on this blog, so I choose whether or not to delete comments before they're published for the world to see.



Sarah said...

Hey Lotta!

Thank-you very much! Less than a week to go and all these essays will be over! Yay!

xox Sarah