Sunday, May 28, 2006

Quiet Sunday Afternoon

Both these recipes are in Basics etc., and are both variations on a basic recipe. I'm not really planning on eating them, but thought I'd better get through them while I had some time to myself at home.

385. Sauce Verte

This is a mayonnaise, with dijon mustard added at the start, as well as some chopped herbs, and blanched spinach. Nigella says you can add capers, gherkins and anchovies, treating it like a salsa verde, but with mayonnaise instead of oil as the binding agent. I like anchovies, I took this option.

sauce verte

386. My mother's white sauce

This one is, unsurprisingly, a variation on the white sauce recipe. In it, Nigella says to crumble a bit of a chicken stock cube with the flour at the start, to add a rounded salty savouriness to the sauce. My one turned out a bit brown, which I think is a combination of the stock cube, and the fact that I overcooked the flour at the start. It smelled pretty good though.

Nigella's mother's white sauce


Ilana said...

here ye go puddin'

good job!

Sarah said...


Good God, you're good! Thank-you so much!

xox Sarah

Cass said...

Hi. I've been reading you for a couple of months now but haven't commented before. Just wanted to wish you luck for the last few weeks of hard slog (and essays too! argh.)

I'm from Melbourne, but living in Japan at the moment, and your blog is always making me hungry for Australian food (Cardamones marinated olives! so good!). I'm going to miss it when you're done.