Monday, May 08, 2006

Being a cop is ok, but celery soup is pretty exciting too!

It's cold, it's dark, I'm tired, and all I want is takeaway. But there are only 23 days left of this project, and I really, really need to get through the random and obscure recipes.

356. Lettuce and Lovage Soup
357. Chicken strips marinated in yogurt and honey

Neither of these 2 recipes are too difficult, or contain weird ingredients. The only reason I left them so late is that I could never think of a time to eat them. The soup appears in the Basics etc. chapter, and is suggested as a way to make lovage (a celery-flavoured type of leaf, apparently) the star focus of a soup. As for the chicken, it's from the Feeding Babies and Small Children chapter. Nigella says that marinating chicken helps to make it less tough and fibrous for children to eat.

I decided to make these 2 recipes tonight to boost a dinner of leftovers. The leftovers were, if you're interested, fried rice with salt fish, diced chicken and beanshoots from Minh Xuong on Victoria Parade. Mmm... tasty! Mum also decided to blanch some gai laan (aka Chinese brocolli) to pad out the meal.

I marinated the chicken breast strips it in yogurt, milk and honey after coming home from uni, and then got on with the soup. You basically have to soften a whole lot of green leafy things with butter in a pot (spring onions, lovage, lettuce), then add stock, and let it simmer. If you don't have lovage (which I didn't), you can use celery leaves (which I did).

lettuce soup

Then you blend it, and it's soup!


I have to be honest, I wasn't very keen on this soup. It just looks gross, and for some reason I thought it tasted like cigarettes. (I blame the celery leaves). But Dad didn't seem to mind it, and as he pointed out, significantly, "at least it's full of vegetables... it must be good for you".

The chicken was ok, nothing extraordinary. It wasn't dry or tough though, so I guess it fulfills its purpose of being soft enough for kids to eat.

chicken strips

chicken strips, gai laan, fried rice

So many vegetables! I feel so virtuous and healthy.


cin said...

keep going, Sarah! you've done incredibly well to get this far & it'll be such an achievement to complete this project.
btw, what happens to this blog after that? :-)

Frances said...

celery soup...

it's not one that's about to take the world by storm, is it?

keep you eye on the pies, i say!