Monday, May 22, 2006

Arse damn hell crap!

I just realised, there are 3 MORE potato recipes just before the panchporan aloo, which I hadn't written on my list!! Latkes, baked cubed potatoes and roasted garlic and whole shallots!!!!!!

Crap crap crap. How am I gonna fit this in?

Hmm... maybe I can just cancel all my shifts at work this week ("DaVinci Code? What DaVinci Code?!... It can't possibly get busy, that's crazy-talk!") and postpone all my essays... ("Sorry, I can't hand in my literature essay because I have potatoes to cook").

I'll work it out.



Ilana said...

Aw, dear!
Just have a potato eating buffet and invite anyone you've ever known. Or send potato care packages. LOL. no worries hon you'll work it out dawg!

domesticgoddess said...

Hmm... make them in the mornings (having cut them up, etc just before going to bed) and take them to eat at work/uni?
Don't worry, when there's a will there's a way! And if not, then we won't tell anyone if you just leave them out. Latkes? What latkes?

annauk said...

Potato-fest is the way to go!! The end is in sight Sarah, you'll be fine!
Anna xx