Sunday, May 21, 2006

Ah the randonimity!

It's crunch time.

10 days to go.

Time for me to do all the random recipes. Ones that I have no idea when I'm going to eat, but just need to be made. I had a free afternoon and an empty house. Time to cook!

366. Passionfruit Curd (Basics etc.)

This is just like the lemon curd, but with passionfruit pulp in place of the lemon juice (unsurprisingly). So you stir eggs and egg yolks, sugar and butter with strained passionfruit pulp over a slow heat until thick and curd-like. At the end, you add one extra passionfruit (including seeds). I used one 170g tin of passionfruit pulp (don't hate me! Passionfruits are ridiculously expensive now... with fresh passionfruit, it would work out at more than $8 for one quantity of curd!)

Anyway, I made it, no hassles... and here's what it looks like.

passionfruit curd

Gorgeous! I tried some on toasted Turkish bread, which was delicious. I'm not sure what to do with the rest, but I suspect that we will get through it very quickly, just eating it for breakfast on toast.

passionfruit curd on toast

Next I thought I'd make egg mayonnaise.

367. Egg mayonnaise (Basics etc.)

Egg mayonnaise is described very simply by Nigella, as "hard-boiled eggs, sliced and masked with light mayonnaise, with or withot a criss-crossing of anchovies on top". Easy!

So I boiled an egg, and pulled out my favourite kitchen gadget - the egg slicer! This one has lived in the 2nd drawer of the kitchen since before I was born, and I've always had a fixation with it. It's just so cool!

egg and slicer

egg in slicer

egg in slicer 3

Hmm... but for some reason, it didn't cut the egg cleanly! Perhaps I was too impatient, slicing the egg while it was still warm. Or maybe it's cos my egg slicer is older than I am.


sorta sliced

So I salvaged the egg pieces, and arranged them as best I could on a plate, spooned a bit of mayo (from a jar) on top, followed by some anchovies. How I love dem anchovies.

egg mayonnaise

It looks gross on the plate, but it tastes so good!! Eggs need salt, anchovies are salty! And mayo's just good, full stop. It's a no brainer. Mum and I ate this as a mid-afternoon snack.

Now I gotta cook dinner... more recipes coming...


Anonymous said...

Sarah, that's so funny, my earliest kitchen memory revolves around my obsession with our egg slicer (a groovy '70s green). I would beg for hard boiled eggs with everything just for the opportunity to slice. I'm sensing some kind of imprinting here. . . .


Matt at Abstract Gourmet said...

I just cracked myself up... that series of photos with such good intentions until you get to the slicing... that was gold.

also loved your retro double boiler...

Lovely blog you have here :)


Leila said...

Hi Sarah, that passionfruit curd looks lovely! I'm on a bit of a hunt for a passionfruit variation on lemon meringue pie; do you know if it's possible to use this curd in the place of lemon curd? Does Nigella mention anything about it? I really have to get my own copy of HTE instead of relying on your blog and the forum... any hints would be v much appreciated. Love your blog!