Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sarah Discovers How to Index

Check it out, everybody.

I've categorised and arranged all the posts of this blog. This will hopefully make it much easier if you (or I) want to go trawling through the archives for a specific recipe / post. It's all in there, and it's all up to date.

Sarah Discovers How to Index

Phew! I'm totally knackered now, must sleep.

EDIT: 6/01/08 ** Now that this blog has been upgraded to Beta, I have dispensed with the index and labelled all posts according to categories. Hopefully this makes things easier!**


Lotta said...

Wow! I can see you're on summer holiday. ;) That's really nice - I love to go back to see if you've done a recipe from HTE when I'm thinking of making it myself and now it's so much easier to find the recipe. Well done!

Ilana said...

I know, I feel exactly the same as Lotta. I wouldn't have tried the cottage pie if it weren't for you.. and reading your blog about it, and reading it again, it was all the encouragement I needed.
As much as I love HTE and Nigella's writing, sometimes I need to see a guinea pig try it out first. LOLOL, especially with things I would never have thought to make... Rafa really loved it! Thank you!

Lisa said...

You are amazing! You do this project AND give us an index.
Great! Thanks & cheers.

snowdrop said...

yay!! i had been secretly wishing you'd do an index for MY ease of reference.. wish came true :)

thank you!


Niki said...

Cool! Tonight's the first night since i came back over a week ago that I've even turned on the computer at home, so I was meaning to email you with instructions on how to do it. I'm kinda relieved to see this post! :-)